Yung Bans at SOBs

Yung Bans


Yung Bans is one of the latest south Atlanta rappers to blow up within the past two years. Although Bans is known for being from Atlanta, the 19 year old is originally from St. Louis, having moved to Atlanta in junior high. He also spent a brief amount of time living in Alabama. Yung Bans is a well-known Lyrical Lemonade collaborator, having three videos directed by Cole Bennett ("Lonely", "Dresser", "Ridin") . Bans has had tremendous amounts of online success, but due to past legal troubles, it was incredibly difficult to schedule shows, as Bans was on house arrest for the better part of 2017. which was around the time he began to have a large online presence. Bans has also been known to work with big names such as Tracy, Lil Skies & Lil Yachty.

The 19 year old up-and-coming rapper recently headlined a sold out show at SOB’s in SoHo hosted by Complex's Pigeons & Planes, entitled "No Ceilings". Bans admitted at the beginning of the set that he was sick with a cold but, wanted a memorable performance regardless opening his set off with the song Dresser to completely full crowd of eager fans. Bans played his new song "So Long My Friend",which is dedicated to the loss of fellow rapper & close friend XXXTentacion. After that performance, he brought the whole crowd to a moment of silence for X, which led into him performing the song the two & Ski Mask made before X’s untimely passing ILOVEITWHENTHEYRUN, which brought the whole crowd into a huge mosh pit. Later in his set, Bans brought out Tracy to perform their new song "Stacks in My Slacks". Tracy then went on to perform his single "Like A Farmer", which features Philadelphia rapper Lil Uzi Vert. . Bans ended his set with a bang by stagediving to "Ridin" off of his new project, "Yung Bans Vol. 5", which premiered at number 1 on the Apple Music charts. Yung Bans has nothing but a lot of potential and a promising career ahead of him.


article by Max Barnes

photos by Harris Freeman