Thouxanban Fauni at SOBs

Thouxanban Fauni at SOBs


For anyone familiar with the underground Atlanta rap scene during 2017, the name Thouxanban Fauni brings back fond memories of what is considered the golden age of SoundCloud. The 3400 rapper began his rise in popularity rapping along the likes of UnoTheActivist and Playboi Carti, often using similar production style & flow on his early singles. The south Atlanta rapper is also known for his rockstar-esque antics for his music videos and social media. For example, Thouxanban was recently released from jail for destroying a rental home during a music video shoot.

On December 19th, Fauni came to SOB’s for an unforgettable performance. The show’s openers were Evlo, a budding rapper out of Harlem, and Setlist Magazine veteran, Mikey Polo. Having been styled by B.B. Simon Creative Director, King of Spank, Fauni came out in a full leather suit to “Fully Automatic Stick” and “Stupid Lil Bih” off his latest project Requiem. As soon as he touched the stage, the entire crowd exploded into a mosh so fierce you could feel the floor shake. During his entire performance, Fauni never took a break and gave 100% energy for each song he performed often interacting with the crowd for some of his classic songs like Gorgeous and Wish The Worst. Fauni performed out of his entire discography, from his early soundcloud singles to his Lost Files project.

When speaking to Fauni before the show, he shared some of his plans for the upcoming year, which included releasing more music, as well as another full length tour. Hopefully Fauni’s unpredictable lifestyle doesn’t land him behind bars again so he’s able to continue dropping music and having great performances.


article by Max Barnes

photo by Harris Freeman