Rico Nasty at SOBs

Rico Nasty at SOBs


Rico Nasty, already having a few years in the rap game, is ferociously emerging as one of Maryland’s next top artists. Rico establishing herself in the hip hop community following the success of her most recent mixtape, “Nasty”, as well as viral hits including “Key Lime OG” and “Poppin’”. Since beginning her rap career as a high school junior in 2014, she has dropped two mixtapes each year (with the exception of 2015). Eager fans can anticipate new music from her by the end of 2018. Her recent signing with Atlantic Records, and associations with rappers such as BlocBoy JB and Lil Yachty, show that all signs are pointing up for the twenty one year old’s career.

One of the first stops on “The Nasty Tour”  was on July 31st at SOB’s in Manhattan. People from all walks of life lined up to get into the iconic club on Varick Street. Once inside, the headliner’s performance was preceded by New York native, Maliibu Miitch. Her Bronx attitude came alive in the lyrics in one of her best known singles, “Give Her Some Money”, grossing close to one million streams on Spotify. The twenty five minute set was brief, but it warmed up the audience for what came next.

Straight from the dressing came Rico, thrilling the crowd by sporting 10 inch liberty spikes. Rico had no shame getting into fans faces while blasting her satisfyingly aggressive lyrics to “Countin’ Up” to begin the set. And her top single “Rage”, from the latest mixtape, sent fans into what most could only describe as a frenzy; however that would be an understatement. When Rico’s concert goers are drenched more with spilt drinks than sweat, it’s telling of how emotionally captivating her music truly is.

Rico Nasty’s performance put everybody in attendance through a whirlwind of intensity. The road to the top is still long for the young artist, but she is definitely headed in the right direction.


article by Alex Gross

photos by Harris Freeman