Nipsey Hussle at Irving Plaza

Nipsey Hussle


It’s a cool night at Irving Plaza on June 4th. A long line filled with anxious fans wraps around the venue’s foundations and stretches well past the local businesses. All of them waiting for the appearance of one California rapper to rock the show with his old-school sounds: Nipsey Hussle. Hussle himself was gearing up for his first out of two sold out back to back shows in his “Victory Lap” tour. He had to bring that bouncy west coast energy if he was to properly satiate his east coast fans and that's exactly what he did. When his hit song “Last Time That I Checc’d” off of his latest album “Victory Lap” dropped, the foundations at Irving Plaza almost dropped with it. Hussle is a star; check out one of his upcoming shows, as he is touring until late June.


article by Lynn Nicholas

photos by Harris Freeman