Nessly at SOBs



Atlanta raised rapper, Nessly returned to the Big Apple for his first headlining show to rock the house at SOB’s. He boasts over 60k followers on Instagram, 75k on Soundcloud, and 25k on Twitter; a loyal following clearly displayed by the ticket booth before the show. With spacey slaps like “Back 2 Life”, he serenaded the crowd with his melodic and catchy style. A bit of which seems to take inspiration from what some of his peers have been making with their own tracks but here, he delivers it quite differently. His music is constantly evolving with each song he creates, as well as his performance. What started out as a shy rapper feeling out the crowds energy towards his own, quickly morphed into an energetic Nessly-centered moshpit in the middle of the club. Nessly is a great performer with a great body of music; check out his latest project, "Wildflower", which is out now.


article by Lynn Nicholas

photos by Harris Freeman