Illroots Hamptons Party ft. Lil Tracy

Illroots Hamptons Party 


This Friday, Illroots hosted an event in collaboration with Yung Jake: the creative famous for his emoji portraits, and rapper Lil Tracy, who was accompanied by fellow GothBoiClique members Lil Raven and Buku Bandz. Tracy is mostly known as being a very close friend and frequent collaborator of the late Lil Peep. He’s also known for his latest song with Lil Uzi Vert, “Like a Farmer” which was a major inspiration for the theme of the event. The party was held at an old Greek pub in the Hamptons and was properly decorated with hay and a flatbed where Tracy would go to perform. The concert portion of the event began with Yung Jake performing a new single as an opener for Tracy. When Tracy went on to perform, he opened his set with an “R.I.P. Peep” chant in memory of his lost friend. During some of Tracy’s lesser known songs, the audience wasn’t very energetic, but once Tracy began performing what he described as “that really sad shit”, the energy completely changed for the better. For the songs “White Wine” & “Witchblades”, Tracy hopped into the crowd and formed a huge mosh pit, giving the event a more intimate setting. Hopefully it isn't long until Illroots hosts another event in New York; the aesthetic & vibe of these last minute parties is something to experience. Tracy is also a noteworthy artist to pay attention to, and hopefully he drops a follow up banger to “Like A Farmer”.


article by Max Barnes

photos by Harris Freeman