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88glam at Elsewhere

88 Glam at Elsewhere


Recently, there has been a trend in contemporary artists starting their own music labels to promote sounds & culture from their hometowns. This is exactly what the Weeknd has done with his XO label, having an entire roster of Canadian acts. The standout group from the camp named 88Glam has been making waves in the US music scene since their debut self-titled tape in 2017. The power-duo of Derek Wise & 88Casino were in New York this past week on tour doing a meet & greet and show at Zone One in Brooklyn.

Although 88Glam is a new name in the constant cycle of rappers coming into the public eye, their fan base in New York came out in numbers for the meet & greet experience the day prior to the show. You could feel the genuine support and love from their fans just by being in attendance and this same energy carried over to their performance. Zone One was an excellent choice of venue because it created the same level of intimacy as the meet & greet, allowing fans to be up close and personal with the artists and even interact with them during moments. One moment in particular that perfectly describes the energy of the venue would be when the crowd had a water fight with the artists during a song. The young stars came out to show New York the new emerging sounds of Toronto and achieved this with flying colors..

With their timely release schedule, I have no doubt the duo will be back in the city soon to deliver another memorable performance. Their most recent project 88Glam 2.5 features two additional new singles to the late 2018 release 88Glam2. Having established names like NAV & The Weeknd supporting them, there is no doubt the rap duo will continue on this path of success.


photos by Harris Freeman

article by Max Barnes